The magic of the Finnish small villages

Finland – a sparsely populated country of thousands of lakes, where you can walk alone in the woods and feel the clean air.

When you take a turn from a bigger road to a small one, fields, forests and lakes surround the passer-by. The settlement disappears before the eyes and only an empty silence remains – you are in the middle on nowhere.

There are more than 4,000 villages along these small roads, and they all have their own traditions, history and legends.

The Middle of Nowhere website focuses on presenting travel destinations in the Finnish small towns and villages from the perspective of nature, culture and ITE art.

Enjoy the relaxing peace of the countryside and discover the hidden gems. We present you with the travel tips worth experiencing.

The Middle of Nowhere website was opened in January 2022. The website is maintained by Teijo Monni and Pertti Riikonen. Follow our channel and join us on our journey "in the middle of nowhere".

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